Website Development

A Blend of Art and Science

At Alliance Marketing Associates we believe that website development requires more than creating a website design that pops. As developers and marketers we know that although design is important… it’s not the number one reason for a website’s success.

Our developers utilize best coding practices and on-page signals that search engines like.  If you have a beautiful website that never gets found… it’s like the proverbial tree in the woods.  We blend the science of sound SEO practices with the art of design.

Our number one goal related to website development is to create your website so it converts your visitors into qualified leads while increasing the chance that you will get a new client or patient. This requires a visually appealing website that is easy to navigate with a clear call to action. It also requires an understanding of what works in the ever-changing world of local search engine optimization.

Our Process

Discovery – Before we commit to a project we need to know a little bit about your practice. Our interview process allows us to understand what you would like to accomplish.

Research – Keyword research is the first step in developing a successful website. We work closely with you to create a framework of optimized content to get your website found.

Design – Our goal is to blend optimized content with a design that represents your brand. But it’s more than that. We design pages that enter the conversation already taking place in your visitor’s mind. This increases the chance that a website visit will result in a new client or patient.

We would love to talk to you about your goals regarding online marketing for your practice.


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