Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine

Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine

From online brochure to lead generating machineLead Generation

When’s the last time you really took a look at your website? Most medical, legal and financial professionals have a static website lacking any mechanism to capture visitor information such as names and email addresses. What about your website… is it merely an online brochure or is it a lead generation machine? If it’s an online brochure… maybe it’s time to change that.

It’s time to re-think the function of your website. When the internet was young and having a website was cutting edge you could get away with having an online brochure. Not anymore. Competition is heating up and not maximizing every opportunity to generate a new lead is just what your competitors are hoping for. Now is the time to think of your website as a marketing tool… not a billboard.

Your website – the best lead generation tool

It amazes me that business owners are still falling for the phone call where someone they’ve never heard of promises to get them to the top of Google and flood their website with traffic. Not only can some of the techniques these SEO firms use get you slapped down the search engine rankings – often it just makes no sense for you to even want more traffic.

If your website is not designed and optimized to convert targeted web traffic into leads it’s not worth your time or money to get more online visitors. If your website is not designed to generate leads, paying for web traffic would be like spending money on advertising campaigns and never opening your office. It just doesn’t make sense.

The main purpose of your website should be to help you get more clients or patients and grow your practice… not engage to in an impotent branding campaign. Because your website can be configured in multiple ways and be easily altered, you can test offers without really incurring much expense. Unlike an advertisement, you can create content without an ongoing investment. That newspaper or television ad you just ran has a very short lifespan unless you are going to continue to feed it money… not so with your website.

¬†Generate leads online – here’s how

To turn your website into a lead generating machine you’ll need to get targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is traffic that has a strong interest in your product or service. Traffic can be obtained either organically from searches or can be paid traffic such as from Google Adwords advertising.

Each targeted search term should have it’s own landing page. There’s nothing more wasteful than spending money on an ad campaign and sending traffic to your home page. For instance, if I search for information on dental implants, I don’t want to be directed to a page that is not answering questions specific to dental implants.

The psychological tactic is to enter the conversation that your visitor is already having with themselves. If I search for dental implants Pensacola, I’m not interested in landing on your home page to see images of your office staff and a list of your credentials. I want information about dental implants!

So landing page is important. Now you need a mechanism to have your visitor take action. A phone call would be ideal but if I’m in the early stages of learning about dental implants it’s unlikely I will call. I’m not ready. But if I could give you my first name and email address and learn, “5 Facts You Need to Know About Dental Implants”, I’m much more likely to take action and enter my information.

Once you have contact information, you know:

  • What your subscriber is interested in
  • That they are probably local – they searched for dental implants Pensacola
  • How to keep the conversation going – you have their contact info

Your web form, strategically placed on your site, places your new subscriber’s name in your email auto-responder and you can craft a series of follow up emails moving your subscriber closer to taking your next desired action. That could be to get an address to send a DVD, etc. or it could be to have them come in for a free consultation.

You can have multiple lead magnets all targeting visitors with different interests. And don’t get me started on having multiple websites! The point is… your paying for web hosting – why not have a website that is a lead generation machine?