Maintaining Your Good Reputation

Your reputation online today is yesterday’s word of mouth… multiplied a million fold. You can no longer afford to ignore what is being said about you or your practice online. More and more large corporations are hiring full time reputation managers. According to Pew Statistics “4 out of 5 people have stated that they have received advice via social media regarding what product or service to purchase.”

Be Proactive… Not Reactive

Reputation management requires a proactive strategy. Waiting to respond to negative feedback posted on social media is not good enough. With a proactive reputation management strategy you can control your online reputation and effectively bury and negative review.

Our Reputation Management Strategy

We utilize various software platforms to monitor what’s being said about you online. But that’s just the beginning. We have developed a strategy that solicits feedback and ensures that only 4 and 5 star responses from that feedback are shared on the social media platforms that you choose. Our system also allows you to gain contact information from clients or patients who have left less than positive feedback so you can follow up and improve your relationship.

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