Market Your Practice With Video

Market Your Practice With Video

Here’s 3 reasons you should be using video to market your practiceMarket Your Pactice with Video

Nearly a third of all online activity is spent watching video. Nearly one half of survey respondents reported that they watch at least one video online every month. Online video is here to stay and there are some pretty compelling reasons why you should be using it.

Medical, legal and financial professionals are the perfect candidates to leverage video both on their websites and other platforms to market their practice. Many layman find medical, legal and financial information difficult to understand and dry at best.

Using video can help break down the barriers to understanding and appeal to those people who learn best by watching. It’s said that the majority of people only skim a web page for headlines but once they click the play button their eyes are focused. Here are 3 reasons you should be using video to market your practice.


If someone lands on your website due to a search or by clicking on an ad they are seeking information either about you or what services you provide. They have specific questions and video is the perfect way to answer those questions. But what you say and how you say it is important. If you’re expecting that a commercial about your practice is going to engage viewers… you are wrong.

According to research by Visible Measures you have 10 seconds to get a viewers attention. 20% of your viewers will click away from your video in the first 10 seconds. You’ll also lose about one third of viewers by 30 seconds and about 45% after one minute.

The key to engagement is to create videos focused on one search term. This increases the likelihood that the video is relevant. The video needs to be informative, somewhat entertaining (not boring!) and short. Following this formula will increase the chances that your videos will be watched.

One benefit of an engaging video is being able to include a call to action. Telling your viewer what action to take actually results in that action being taken… imagine that! For instance, something like, “enter your name and email…” or if your video is hosted somewhere other than your website, “click the link below this video…”.

Video can also be used on your Google+ page and in directory listing profiles. 75% of viewers visit a marketer’s website after viewing a video. Placing your videos on your listing profiles can increase engagement and drive more traffic to your website.

Increased Website RankingsRanking

Videos are much easier to get ranked that text based web pages. It’s a function of the amount of competition for a given search term.  Here’s an example: If you search on Google for, “getting a settlement from a car accident” you’ll find 2,080,000 results. Type the same query into YouTube (the number 2 search engine worldwide) and you’ll find only 13,800.

And because Google owns YouTube, you’ll find YouTube videos on the first and second page of Google for many search terms. If you’re searching on Google and there is one video thumbnail among all the webpage listings, do you think it”s likely that you may click on it?

Getting videos ranked on YouTube is a much easier process due to the lower amount of competition. And you have the opportunity to get your videos ranked on Google. Additionally, video has been proven to keep visitors on your site longer and average length of time spent on a website is one of the ranking factors that Google uses to determine search engine rankings.

Using video to market your medical, legal or financial practice is a good way to get more traffic due to increased rankings.


Video is the perfect vehicle to promote your practice. You can use geographical identifiers in your title, tags and description to increase the opportunity to get found. For instance, if you are a personal injury attorney in Pensacola Florida and you determine that individuals seeking your services may search for, “auto accident attorney Pensacola Florida”, it would be wise to incorporate that into your video.

Reach refers to the fact that you can place your video on many platforms. you are not limited to your website and YouTube. As I mentioned before, you can place video on your Google+ page and in your directory listing profiles. But there are several other options.

There are many video hosting sites where you can place your video. You can place your video in your social media posts and tweets… now that’s engagement! You can submit your articles to article directories and link to your videos from within each article. And there’s always the possibility that someone will embed your video on there website.

There are just too many compelling reasons why you should be using video to market your medical, legal or financial practice. Videos are easy and the pay off can be huge… don’t ignore the low hanging fruit any longer.