Lead Generation

Engage Your Online Visitors – Generate Leads

We believe that a website’s number one job is to generate leads. Your website content should be highly relevant to your target market and address the questions and concerns that are in their minds related to your product or service.

If the first thing your visitors see are bios on all your staff and a list of the degrees you have earned or awards you have won… you are not entering the conversation that’s taking place in their minds.

By analyzing search terms that are delivering traffic to your website and engaging in sound keyword research we can craft content that your visitors are looking for. Keeping the conversation going will increase the chance that they will pick up the phone or request some free information that you are offering.

Information – Your Lead Magnet

Most people searching for your type of service are looking for information. But a little research reveals that the vast majority of medical, legal and financial professionals are not delivering this information online. There’s too many online brochures and not enough engagement.

If you are not offering free information in return for a visitor’s name and email address… you are missing a golden opportunity. Building an email list and initiating an email marketing campaign is one of the most cost effective ways to obtain new clients or patients.

Integrative Marketing

When marketing your practice your website often becomes more valuable when used in conjunction with more traditional marketing methods like direct mail. Engaging your prospects with an integrative approach often increases response rates.

For instance, sending a mail piece that directs the reader to a website requiring an email address in return for free information will usually result in higher response rates than asking the prospect to call your office. The barrier to entry is lower and doesn’t require as much effort from the prospect.

Campaigns to Grow Your Practice

We can craft campaigns to help you get more web traffic, generate more leads and grow your practice. The following are just some of the services we provide:

  • Conduct keyword research
  • Create reports, white papers and videos
  • Integrate web forms into website pages
  • Set up email autoresponders
  • Craft follow up and broadcast emails
  • Segment list for optimization
  • Integrate campaigns with online advertising
  • Copy writing

We would love to talk to you about optimizing your website for lead generation.


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