Getting Your Practice To Page One Of Google – Here’s The Easiest Way

Getting Your Practice To Page One Of Google – Here’s The Easiest Way

Follow these steps to increase the chance of getting your practice to page one of Google

Get Your Practice to Page One of Google

Getting your practice to page one of Google for your desired search term may well be the best thing you can do to grow your business. Most people searching for a local business don’t ever go beyond the first page of Google and many don’t scroll down to see all 10 listing on the page. So how can you increase your chances of getting to the top of page one?

The answer is to get your practice included in the Google local listings for the search terms relevant to your practice. These listing are known as the Google 7 Pack or Google 3 Pack. The number of local listings displayed is determined by how specific your search terms are. The 7 Pack is displayed on the first page just below the ads and usually the first two organic listings.

Google creates local business listings but you must claim your listing. You can start the process by visiting the Google My Business page. You’ll be prompted to enter your business address to continue. If a listing hasn’t been created you’ll need to enter your information and choose a business category. Follow the directions to verify your listing. This can often take a week or two as they generally send you a post card with a verification code.

There are specific steps you must take to increase the chance that your practice will make it into the Google local listings. And getting listed is only the first battle… staying there requires work.

2015-06-30_1224Google 7 Pack for the search term Pensacola Attorney

Why your practice need a Google+ page

In the example above for Pensacola Attorneys notice that in addition to a contact information there is a link to each firm’s Google+ page. The firms that complete their Google+ profile are not only able to project a more professional image, they are able to provide another platform where they can include content that they may choose not place on their practices’ website.

Completing your profile by adding content including pictures and videos is a smart way to communicate with your visitors. Using your Google+ page to link to a lead capture page would also be a good idea. Offering a free report in return for a visitors email address would be a smart way to continue the conversation.

It’s also important that your contact information in your Google+ profile matches exactly the information on your website. In fact, as you claim other directory listings to garner multiple citations you should be sure that your information is listed the same way across all platforms.

Why you need to solicit reviews

As you look at the Google 7 Pack example above you may find that you are attracted to the listings with reviews. In addition to providing social proof, getting reviews can help your local Google listing stand out. Contact us to learn how you can generate 4 and 5 star reviews for your practice.

Once you have a completed Google+ profile with engaging contend and have a significant number of reviews you’ll need  to optimize your website for local search. With right on-page optimization you may find that you rank in the Google 7 Pack for more than one search term.

Getting listed in other directories increases the number of citations for your website. This may also contribute to your site’s ranking and maintain inclusion in the Google 7 Pack. Many directories also rank well and are often included on page one of Google. Completing your profile in each directory could mean multiple first page listing s for your practice.

These tactics to get your practice to page one of Google will work for medical, legal and financial professionals. Getting your website included in the Google 7 Pack is the easiest way to get to the top of Google.