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Email Marketing – Marketing on Auto Pilot

Most professionals do some marketing when they want to jump start business. But the true professionals know that marketing is more about developing evergreen marketing systems that work month after month and year after year. Email marketing can be that type of system. It’s also one of the most cost effective forms of marketing.

We create and manage email campaigns that engage your subscribers and move them from interested prospects to valued clients or patients. Do you offer multiple services within your practice? Email lists can be segmented to deliver only the content of interest for specific subscribers.

No Spam

Email marketing is best when you build your list of emails organically. This is done as part of a targeted lead generation campaign. Offering information of value in return for a first name and email address can result in a list of only the most interested visitors to your website. How valuable would it be if you had every email address of only the most interested visitors to your website? Our goal is to turn your website into a lead generating machine. And the fruits of that labor are email addresses of your future clients or patients.

Properly Designed Website Required

Email addresses just don’t happen. Designing a site for lead generation is a blend of art and science. In order for visitors to give you their information several things must come together.

  • Landing pages that are easy to navigate
  • A credible call to action
  • Something of perceived value to prompt action
  • An email auto-responder

To maximize conversion… we test… we test headlines, web form designs, free offers, colors, fonts, etc.. Then we test some more! Getting you the highest conversion rates is our goal.

We would love to talk to you about how lead generation and an email marketing campaign can help you grow your practice.


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