Market Your Practice With Video

Here’s 3 reasons you should be using video to market your practice Nearly a third of all online activity is spent watching video. Nearly one half of survey respondents reported that they watch at least one video online every month. Online video is here to stay and there are some pretty compelling reasons why you should be using it. Medical, legal and financial professionals are the perfect candidates to leverage video both on their websites and other platforms to market their practice. Many layman find medical, legal and financial information difficult to understand and dry at best. Using video can help break down the barriers to understanding and appeal to those people who learn best by watching. It’s said that the majority of people only skim a web page for headlines but once they click the play button their eyes are focused. Here are 3 reasons you should be using video to market your practice. Engagement If someone lands on your website due to a search or by clicking on an ad they are seeking information either about you or what services you provide. They have specific questions and video is the perfect way to answer those questions. But what you say and how you say it is important. If you’re expecting that a commercial about your practice is going to engage viewers… you are wrong. According to research by Visible Measures you have 10 seconds to get a viewers attention. 20% of your viewers will click away from... read more

Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine

From online brochure to lead generating machine When’s the last time you really took a look at your website? Most medical, legal and financial professionals have a static website lacking any mechanism to capture visitor information such as names and email addresses. What about your website… is it merely an online brochure or is it a lead generation machine? If it’s an online brochure… maybe it’s time to change that. It’s time to re-think the function of your website. When the internet was young and having a website was cutting edge you could get away with having an online brochure. Not anymore. Competition is heating up and not maximizing every opportunity to generate a new lead is just what your competitors are hoping for. Now is the time to think of your website as a marketing tool… not a billboard. Your website – the best lead generation tool It amazes me that business owners are still falling for the phone call where someone they’ve never heard of promises to get them to the top of Google and flood their website with traffic. Not only can some of the techniques these SEO firms use get you slapped down the search engine rankings – often it just makes no sense for you to even want more traffic. If your website is not designed and optimized to convert targeted web traffic into leads it’s not worth your time or money to get more online visitors. If your website is not designed to... read more