Alliance Marketing Associates, Inc. is an internet marketing firm with a focus on implementing strategies to help professionals grow their practice. We partner with professionals in the medical, legal, and financial fields.  Our team can help professionals engaged in medicine, law, accounting, financial planning, insurance, dentistry, chiropractic and massage therapy. Related fields are considered on a case by case basis.

We were founded by David Forbes (president) in 2005 to provide marketing services for a local insurance practice in the Florida Panhandle. Alliance Marketing Associates owns many websites which generate leads for a national insurance brokerage, as well as sites generating leads in several niches focused on seniors. Our main office is located in Pensacola Florida and have several of our team members working remotely to keep expenses down and remain competitive.

Our Philosophy

We believe all firms should be founded on values and principles that promote organic growth while pursuing well defined goals. This is why we get to know every potential client and their business model before we commit to a project.

We take an integrative approach to marking your practice. Your website is not an island. It is one tool (a very powerful one) in your marketing arsenal and should be integrated with your other marketing and advertising efforts.

We are big proponents of using offline methods (direct mail etc.) to drive targeted traffic to your website. The barrier to entry is much lower to get a web visitor than to get a phone call. Phone calls come when you’ve piqued interest and have earned trust. Taking advantage of time tested online lead generation strategies can start conversations… ones that you control. Our aim is to work within your budget using multiple internet marketing strategies to enhance your brand and build your practice.


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