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Internet Marketing for Your Professional Practice

Get More Web Traffic – Generate More Leads – Grow Your Practice

Maybe you want more out of your website. Perhaps you’ve come to the recognition that a website should be more than an online brochure. Or maybe you’re tired of the endless phone calls and letters from distant companies all promising to get you to the top of Google.


At Alliance Marketing Associates, Inc. we are more than a web design or SEO firm. We are marketers who have found success with our own websites utilizing principles and tactics that work. We are marketers that understand web development, local SEO implementation and above all… how to turn a website into a lead generating machine.

Our focus is on helping you, the professional practice owner, develop or re-design your website, implement sound Local SEO strategies and provide consulting services that will contribute to your overall growth.

Our Process

  • Listen
    Your project is unique… we listen
  • Research
    Customization is based on your needs and goals
  • Consult
    We share options and ideas
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Website Development

We design websites that pop, while utilizing best coding practices and on-page signals that search engines like.

Local SEO

Our developers and SEO specialists are experts at working together to get your website found in local search engines.

Lead Generation

We believe a website’s number one job is to generate leads. We are advocates of giving away free information in return for your visitor’s email address.

Email Marketing

We create and manage email campaigns that engage your subscribers and move them from interested prospects to valued clients or patients.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media campaigns are a powerful way to engage your visitors and create a buzz around your practice and services.

Video Marketing

Marketing with video is an effective method to help grow your practice and video can be incorporated into all aspects of your marketing plan.

Reputation Management

We have developed a reputation management strategy that solicits feedback and ensures that only 4 and 5 star responses are shared.


We believe that consulting begins with listening. We listen, research and analyze before we advise. Our advice is straight forward and actionable.

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